Money Talks (1997)

“Money Talks” (1997)


staged memory

This is another chapter of that kind of trend in comedy/action films: the biracial leading couple. This began with Lethal Weapon. There the comedy balance was divided between Glover and Gibson. But a lot of versions have come after, including the 3rd Die Hard, that thing with Rodman/Van Damme, or this film.

It’s as lame and short sight as any formula, but it worked for while.

It doesn’t anymore, and now while we see this, we wonder how it ever worked. This can only have a mild appeal on 2 levels:

.you saw the films while you were teenager, and so they become part of larger memories of your evolution, and seeing them is a wink at yourself.

.you assume how lame they are, and watch them on that base, as much as you watch a b film, filled with bad sets and laughable story lines, and assume that for the duration of the film.

I did both of the above. But i know there’s nothing here.

There’s actually an attempt to create a competent ending, the idea of a literal stage, where all the characters are brought, and all conflicts resolved, using the multiple possibilities that mise-en-scène allows. But it’s all worked out through a vulgar shootout, and a few body fights with no history.

My opinion: 1/5

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