A Dangerous Method (2011)

“A Dangerous Method” (2011)



This was a very important moment in the history of thinking. Freud was probably over the top on so much things. In some things, I believe he was so wrong that one day we’ll be forced to acknowledge how right he was. Deeply, what he changed was a mental approach. Pure rationality applied to something deemed so esoteric such as dreams. Oh the world changed, Freud made it possible more intensely than anyone else his contemporary. Vienna was the stage for this, what a city it must have been at this point. And than Jung, probably a much more interesting character than Freud, someone who developed fantastic deep, revolutionary concepts. Collective subconsciousness, profound revolutions in how we see ourselves, the opening of whole new possibilities for self-reference. How that changed human self- consciousness, art, literature, everything. Jung staged his own mental revolution in Zurich.

The clash between these 2 personalities is certainly something worth exploring. My opinion is that Jung is actually probably Freud’s best disciple, and that’s precisely why they clashed, ultimately broke up, and ended as rivals.

This clash is what this film is about, seen from Jung’s perspective and centered on sex. So Sabina is our central character, the wheel that spins the world. The mere premise of this, and the fact that Cronenberg was the cinematic mind behind this makes this a juicy promise. But the disappointment is that in recent years, Cronenberg’s new films seem to be the description of his older films. He now talks about what he used to stage, back in the days of Existenz and Crash. Those were truly sex-centered, dreamlike films, the full filled promise that this film is.

This one is a dialog film, that describes the iceberg, even shows us some of its edgier polygons, but does not dive to find out what’s underneath. It establishes the triangle Sabina- Jung-Freud. The 1st and the 2nd are viscerally related, and this connexion enhances the relation between the 2nd and the 3rd, and allows for the relation between the 1st and the 3rd to happen. Some orbital characters happen upon this solid triangle: Otto, and Emma (both palindromes) who are profoundly affected by the emanations of the triangle, but who exist in it to affect it: Otto as Freud’s sexual centered surrogate, Emma to affect how Jung understands his relation with Sabina.

Keira Knightley tries too hard, and has an over the top performance, while Mortensen delivers himself to pure style. Fassbender is the strongest actor in this film. But it’s not the performances that make this film not fully work for me. It’s the Cronenberg edge that’s missing, and i really miss that. Along the way, he seemed to have stopped to make deep films to explore the deepness of the concepts he used to place in his films. Now his films are about films, more that deep filmic experiences themselves. Something like what happened to Herzog.

My opinion: 3/5 check it.

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