Out of Sight (1998)

“Out of Sight” (1998)


coloured heist

I came to this one shortly after i saw “the American”. There, Clooney impressed in the way he gave up on his regular character of the cool winking guy, whose actions on screen are all driven by a self sense of coolness and style. It’s a fun game to play with him, although not transcendental. In this film, that sense of comedy and funny style will forever be summed up in the scene when the door of an elevator opens and Clooney sees Lopez sitting in a sofa in the lobby of the hotel where she was chasing him, and he becomes numb and simply raises his hand to say hello. That’s the thing, that’s how his character works.

Soderbergh understood that feature of Clooney soon, and here we see him making a first draft to what would be the top of that coolness: the ocean’s franchise.

Here we have a simpler project, a curious one where Soderbergh amuses himself and allows himself some freedom to be personal while creating a money raising project for his more personal projects. It’s a normal heist movie, where the enjoyment lies in the complexity of the scheme, how it is planned, and how it unfolds, and all the twists and unpredictabilities within. This is pretty competent in those respects, although you’ll get no much out of it.

But there is one sequence truly enjoyable in how it announces some interesting later experiences Soderbergh in his “personal” field. The sequence when Clooney meets Lopez in a hotel. She is being approached by some drooling business men, than Clooney makes his move, they talk, they go to the room, they sleep together. Check the cinematography of that sequence and how it fits uneasily with the rest of the film. That bit suits the work of an author. The urban landscape outside the window of the hotel bar, the colors in the room, the lighting of the faces, even the interest in the dialog. Probably the best bit of acting we got Jennifer Lopez doing ever. I’ll keep that scene.

My opinion: 3/5, it won’t harm you, but check the biggest fish Soderbergh has to offer you.

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