La tumba de los muertos vivientes (1983)

“La tumba de los muertos vivientes” (1983)


wormy lawrence

The base premise for nearly any trash film is that, before anything else, it was made in order… to be made. Passion for making a film drives these makers into it. And that can perfectly be the end of the story. The film may pay off in the box office or the public’s appeal, or it can even become an interesting piece of film. But underneath its more superficial layers, there lies always a profound passion for making the film. What else would drive filmmakers and respective cast and crews into making such silliness if not fo the sake of making it?

Franco, d’Amato, Ossorio, work like this. It’s fun to gather a crew to film, so they film. With Franco, we probably get the wildest process. The films are cheap, the photography lame by any measure or time you time, and the story is absurd and skips almost every conventional rule of visual storytelling, sometimes even Kuleshov gets somehow trashed! So if take your conventional film values, taken from Hollywood, from french new wave, from Italian neo- realism, even from jarman or meliès, you’ll feel cheated. That’s not how one’s supposed to watch films. But you take the film as a passionate personal statement from someone who wanted to pick up a camera, than you may use the film as a vehicle to reach to guy behind it. Franco is capable of doing it. If you watch him speak, he’s as derivative and trashy in his speech as in his films. So you’re not seeing some story told by some guy. You’re seeing a kind of meta-selfportrait of the guy. Worth the shot isn’t it?

Having said this, this specific version of Franco’s obsessions is pretty dull, even by his standards. New phase, beginning of the 80’s, i suppose his interests shifted towards less graphical depictions (i think this is the newest film of his i’ve seen!). Two things worth noting:

-how he shoots the very few shots where his lover shows up. One of them has her wearing her panties, sitting on a sand floor while smoking a cigar and teasing two mugs just before being brutalized by the macho German who takes her to a tent. A little later, we cut to the inside of the tent, and have her laying belly down, making an effort to emphasize her butt. There’s enough passion in these scenes to push a little bit further the boundaries of the pin- up object that every woman usually is in his films. that’s nice,

-there’s a filmmaker in the story, a guy who spends little time on screen, i suppose Franco didn’t quite know what he’d make of the character. He tries (until he’s killed) to make the film of the expedition. making a film where someone is making a film, always a nice (and very 70′ though) thing to do;

my opinion: 1/5

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