Micmacs à tire-larigot (2009)

“Micmacs à tire-larigot” (2009)


cannon ball seduction

Whatever Jeunet and his team does, i’ll want to see. The guy has a unique set of talents that few or no other filmmaker living has.

He possesses a unique imagination, which invests and builds each of the cinematic worlds he proposes. Those worlds are quirky, always bizarre, like a Victorian freak show, but where you identify with the freak. This is invested into the characters, and their actions. Here it is also applied to the physical world. The refuge of out team of odd super heroes is a set you can clearly understand Jeunet spent a lot of time on. You approach it from the exterior as a mere texture of garbage and undefined objects. Inside it’s much bigger than what it looks from the outside, and it seduces. The tricks, the retro gadgets of the inventor. All great. A great sense of space. Spatiality. People in the space. Action where you entangle the camera, the space, and the actor in the middle of them. Jeunet is great at this.

The theme doesn’t matter. It’s an ordinary story about some cartoon bad guys been taught a lesson by the pure hearted handicapped guys. There’s an implicit simple moral lesson (guns are bad, peace is great). We’ve seen it, with more or less variations, on hundreds of other films. That’s a pity. Not because now we have another film like that. I mean, this one is better than most, more cinematic, better executed, with some really great things to it. But this is Jeunet, the fact that he took vacations and gave us this, means that we lost a new grand achievement like we know he can give us. Or maybe he does the Soderbergh thing, and uses the commercial success of this one to raise money for a good one. But i think even his good films always raised enough money to justify the next one. So this film serves no purpose. It’s still great as a time filler. I wish every Sunday afternoon film was like this. But there’s nothing more to it. And it could have.

My opinion: 4/5

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