The Kinematograph (2010)

“The Kinematograph” (2010)


Sugar with caramel topping

Is it enough to be very good technically? Is it enough that you sit through the film and understand that the people who did it are incredibly competent in every technical aspect of filmmaking, from animation technique, virtual cinematography, direction, editing, camera movement? If that is enough for you, than this film will work. The village of this short is beautifully rendered in its intended melancholy mood. The two main inner spaces are aptly contrasted: the half-obscured, filled scientist’s laboratory vs the clean pure kitchen. Each space is associated to one of the 2 characters. This is a decent competent film world created.

But i don’t like what’s inside. It’s overly sweet to diabetes point. It grasps the homage to cinema, as a world, exactly in the same fashion as Cinema Paradiso, which suffers from the same problems. These characters, these stories Are sympathetic. But this is a heavy-handed script, we are supposed to react in certain ways at exactly certain moments. It’s like beginning architecture students who while describing the building they are creating isolate every specific sensation that the users should feel when passing in those points. I appreciate my freedom to feel according to my own life, mood, experience.

My opinion: 2/5

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