The Tourist (2010)

“The Tourist” (2010)



*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a good experience, a very rare thing to watch these days, and that apparently was only allowed by the accidents of the pre-production.

Angelina was in the boat all along, according to IMDb. But the male lead had various possibilities, including Sam Worthington. The fact that they were able to settle with Johnny was the happy casting lucky touch that allowed this film to work on the very shining spot where it stands right now. Superficially this is a story about twists, about double characters, about people who pretend to be something only for us to realize, over and over again, that they’re someone else. In the meanwhile, we get dazzled about the star status that both leading characters exhibit all the time. The world revolves around them, for better and worse. Here the story even helps: Angelina starts the film literally being observed from every angle, with everybody interested in knowing what she’s doing. The scene when she enters the train and literally picks the guy is built with her as the shiny center of a system. Her moves agitate her surroundings, that how she’s placed, as a star, in this story. Wanted and desired. Depp completes and contributes to her placement, and in doing so, he builds his own corner as the public personality we know he is: the incidental involuntary, yet attractive, guy. The reluctant star, constantly destroying his own image as a sex symbol, and constantly getting dragged to the center of the attentions; (major spoiler) the guy who apparently doesn’t know, or understand, anything of what’s happening to him, clumsy and trying to avoid focus, only for us to find out that he is the master manipulator behind everything that happens, who even manipulates the most shiny star of the constellation, the one who was supposed to be on top of the game.

This actor/character game requires inevitably that the actors who play it possess a star status outside the film. Depp and Jolie obviously possess it, in fact they may be the 2 biggest film stars in the somewhat classical sense, the one Grant, Peck, Hepburn, Dietrich, Garbo, used to have. That would do it. But apart from that, Johnny Depp is a true deep actor, who pulls the game of multiple simultaneous acting quite well: he plays his own public persona, playing the clumsy nitwit, who is playing the master manipulator of the game. I was expecting that his acting alone would make the film, and it did. But Jolie was a surprise, in how she pulled this as well. Now we have more than her personality, we have an actress.

This director changed my life with his first film. Here he immerses in quite a different world. The theme doesn’t matter as “lives of the others” did, but he does well, i hope he keeps doing interesting things.

This is a film rooted in film world. That’s why we’re literally taken to Venice, after starting in Paris, 2 of the most established film city sets from when American cinema relied fully on stars.

My opinion: 4/5

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