Big Bang Big Boom (2010)

“Big Bang Big Boom” (2010)


cinematic parkour

The birth of any new medium, a new channel to convey the same sensations in a new exciting way is always something to be cheered. That’s such a rare thing that when you get to watch it, you can’t avoid enjoying it with all the pleasures of an initiation. For the last decades, we’ve had a pot of maturing merging urban cultures throughout the leading cities of the world: New York, London, Berlin, Paris… here in Paris we assisted the birth of a new kind of dance, a whole new set of movements created to make a relation between body and environment, the human and the human generated yet uncontrolled urban environment. This really was a spontaneous and remarkable cultural achievement, being culture whatever people do to conquer their environment. It’s bold, it’s radical, and i appreciate parkour, as it’s been called.

Regarding parkour, some people gets excited at the physical qualities required to perform it, others to the smoothness of the dancing movements. I notice those two, but to me what is really great is how the set of movements of the practitioners allows them to bend any environment: urban concrete stairs, high walls, roof tops. It is the environment that suggests the movements we get.

That’s what we get in this film. One might be amazed at the achievement itself. Imagine the incredible logistics that allowed these guys to paint and photograph every one of the many necessary images to produce the stop motion effect. Image the individual quality of the drawings. Consider even the inner quality and imagination of some of the narratives developed within. I do that, and i think that this is a great experience. But than i measure that against the clever bending of several numerous spaces, mainly urban. Walls that get painted, dots moving along tubes, crabs that start as a drawing on the floor until they reach the sand, and become a drawing on the beach. And a master scene depicting a version of the evolution of man, surrounding a rusty cylinder.

Consider the possibilities, consider this film. This is a great experience.

My opinion: 4/5


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