Piercing 1 (2009)

“Piercing 1” (2009)

Cinanima 2010


To question

It is known or predictable that in a not so distant future we’ll all have to look upon China just like how we looked until very few years ago to the United States: their sneezes define the health of the world. So, it is important to find out what kind of narratives China is willing to offer to the world. Obviously we have an official version, just like with any government of any country in the world. The current american narrative, which is defenseless by now states that, although the americans do many inhuman things, even illegal according to their own laws and condemnable according to their own principles, they Have to do them in the name of a certain concept of free world that englobes the other countries who might have power to contest these options. Economical alliances and other types of interests keep the narrative going, even when rushing over limits that the majority of the thinking elements of western societies are not willing to tolerate. The case of the founder of wikileaks is the last chapter in this black narrative, in which suddenly a case of sexual harassment seems to be enough to take away the focus of the discussion on where it should be, the information leaking and what comes with it. China offers us a less subtle, more brutal and probably less intelligent version of the same attitude. Censorship does exist, manipulation aswell, but it’s more assumed, more authoritarian. I predict the chinese attitude will come closer in years to come to the posture that worked for decades in the US. Pressure will increase, giving in will be necessary. But in order to do that, the opressed will have to protest, raise questions, die, eventually. The “other side”, the west, contributes to that pressure, in its own way. That’s why the Nobel peace prize this year is who you know. I wonder if Assange would get that award if the Nobel was chinese…

One of the best ways to see what kind of narratives drive a certain colective is looking for the cinema produced there. Cinema is still the biggest builder of stories, where all real dramas transpire to fiction. This film is an interesting product. I don’t know exactly the context of this story in China. Was it made from the exterior or was it tolerated by the chinese system? But this is an interesting film about how a context bends who lives in it. Lives amputated by castrating totalitarianism. Survival. This is a product away from huge masses by its own dna: author animation is not something that so many people watch. But i suspect we’ll have an increasing amount of chinese films made on these themes.

And there’s cinema here, there’s an interesting even if not transcendent control over rythm and editing. Worth watching.

My opinion: 4/5



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