Teclópolis (2009)

“Teclópolis” (2009)


image versus film

For me, it’s uneven to watch short animated films. What i care for is narrative, supported by images, or the other way around, images that support a narrative, that can (and in fact is most of the times) an excuse to build an engagement towards images. This last situation is what Hitchcock called “pure cinema”. It engages.

With real action short films, usually the background of its makers is rooted on cinema, so we have all sorts of experimentation on the form, not merely on the images as metaphors, or as visual sweets. But animated short films is a field where many backgrounds converge.

This film does have a narrative, but it’s used merely as an excuse to develop the images not as “pure visual cinema” as Hitchcock defined it, instead as a plastic artist would model them. The focus is on how the combination of computer related objects and pre-digital age objects function as a visual whole. Of course there’s a story, about an old 8mm camera that struggles to survive in a world of (already obsolete) digital era objects, that take over and build a new filled world. Of course that story supports a metaphor of modern times vs old ways. But what they wanted, what took their sleep, is the shape of this world.

I’m OK with that, and i think this film has its own power, and visual interest. But invested in cinema, and i have trouble filing this very good animation under that file.

My opinion: 3/5

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