Pivot (2009)

“Pivot” (2009)

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This is an interesting film. There are films that matter because they affect us, because they work on important themes. And there are others that grab you, that cause you enthusiasm, and make you follow a line decided by the makers/manipulators. This film falls on this second category. Each element of the story is a pretext to make us visit every visual proposition that the makers prepared for us. And each one of those elements is totally visual, meaning that the proposals we are to follow exist fully in the visual world of the film. That world leaves aswell on the lighting and on making us loose with awareness on the urban labyrinth and abstract that is proposed to us. Virtual light counts here, mostly in how the corners of the buildings draw trapeziums on the floor. The ciclic narrative, that ends where it’d started is a natural and efficient device to garantee a coherent closing to a story with no reason to exist other than to support itself, aswell as to garantee the spacial unit and coherence of a reality without that many reference points.

It’s so intencional this idea to guide us by the vision that the object which starts every chase is a photographic camera. This means that the directors add to the story a commentary on the fabric of that story. This film is self-referential as much as it is visual.

My opinion: 3/5



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