Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

“Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987)


action comedy

10 years ago i watched these films and had a different feel about them. That’s because 10 years ago the 80′ were still close enough for us to feel them with the nostalgia that we place upon it today. By now this is vintage. And from the soundtrack, to the clothes, to the visual construction of the film, this is so 80′ as, say, Top Gun. All those notions of style, now outdated, were strong here. Those silhouettes placed against orange sunsets, that was so typical. Style is one of the major notions explored here. I think it works, so much that we can still relate at a distance to it today, even if it no longer works with our contemporary ways to build style.

The other strong idea here is a mix between action and comedy which i think had never been tried before the first one of this series. But even that one was more of a comedy than an action film. This really makes the mix. And it works because we had Eddie Murphy in a peak, exploring his gimmick and exploring notions of race (“is this a black thing?”). And it works because it built a formula that was to be successfully used later (this same year we had Lethal Weapon). That’s the merit of the these beverly hills cops. All the rest is ordinary time spending devices. But this notion is enough for us to appreciate it.

My opinion: 3/5

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