Made of Honor (2008)

“Made of Honor” (2008)



These films are all about its own formula. Date movies, or romantic comedies, however you want to call them.

I never really searched for the origin of the formula as it’s been presented to us for the last, at least, 20 years. Its roots come certainly way before that, and probably you can find elsewhere when this started. This trend i’m talking about makes things happen linearly and it goes like: boy and girl meet. they fall in love, they are happy. Something happens and they are separated and broken; some misunderstanding, some falling out. In the end they meet, after almost loosing each other forever, and reaffirm their love, almost always in a public venue (stadium, crowded street, church…). This is the basic skeleton, and from it, usually the producers try to pretend to change somethings, so they can say they are doing something new, while delivering exactly what has been done thousands of times before and which is in most cases, what most people want.

In recent years, we had a few number of films which, although obeying more or less to the formula, playing really interesting games on it (Love Actually and Across the Universe come to mind). This was great, because we started having a small platform for experimentation built around such a square genre, where audiences wouldn’t admit many surprises. So, what chocks in this film, is not that it is fully formulaic, but that it doesn’t even try to disguise it. It’s not the skeleton of date movies filled with some invented flesh; it IS the skeleton, plain simple, like if it was a kind of educational video shown in “date films school” to teach students the rudiments of the job.

There is one single deviation to the scheme, which could actually be very interesting: the boy and girl do Not fall in love until the very end. Although we know from the beginning that they are meant to be, they don’t, they live their love as a pure friendship until she finds a lover (how she meets him is so ridiculous that they don’t even show the scene). This could really be nice and sweet, but the period of time since they meet until she gets engaged is compressed to some 10 minutes of film.

They make fun of scots. Heavily. it’s usually a national sport for formerly colonies to make fun of their major colonizers. Oddly enough, although the English do get mocked by the Americans, it’s the irish, the scots and the french(!) that get the more aggressive bits of mockery. that’s strange. i suppose the English did their mind washing work well enough.

My opinion: 1/5

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