La marche de l’empereur (2005)

“La marche de l’empereur” (2005)
March of the penguins


to build a narrative

The beauty of Nature is how everything fits everything to build a coherent whole. the environment and its actors are one and the same, fully interdependent: they build each other. It’s symbiotic and global warming allows dramatically to understand to each extent. So, the purpose of those who observe nature is to build a narrative that allows us to understand the mechanisms of Nature. To tell a small part of the story, that will fit in the larger context. That’s what precedes this film and informs it: the narrative of the penguins in the process of reproduction. The trick is to establish that narrative pushing us to the middle of it, and making us face the animals not as an observed subject, but as true almost dramatically dense characters. In other words, what they do is deliver a documentary disguised as fiction.

The idea by itself is appealing enough to create the enthusiasm that this film generated. Plus, it is remarkably well executed, from the quality of the cinematography, performed under rough circumstances, extreme temperatures and human adverse environments. the way this is put together is flawless, although the off voice narrations push a little too much on the fiction sentimentality for my taste.

this narrative, of the penguins, is really pleasant for us to follow because the animal has a humanoid look to him. the boundaries between documentary and fiction are more easily crossed because so are the boundaries between these animals and our reality as humans.

The place where penguins gather, where the babies are born, that is a special place, with an incredible strenght. I praise this filmmakers for conveying it so strongly. This was a worthy, powerful journey.

My opinion: 4/5

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