Day & Night (2010)

“Day & Night” (2010)



It’s a common procedure for Pixar, for a long time now. Everyone of their new films comes preceded by a short animated film. That short film is indicative of whatever issues concern the creative core of the company at those moments. That’s why the shorts that preceded Wall.E or Ratatouille dealt with power of the actions, power over creation, fundamentally narratives. The feature films always deepened this theme and added visual concerns. That’s why Pixar is important: they’ve been consistently delivering true cinema wrapped around box office hits. In the process they raised expectations towards animation films and put animation in recognized fields of true cinema.

So now we have this Day and Night. Let’s read the signs, let’s read the urges, let’s understand their concerns.

They deal with dualities of a great number of different levels, so every visual element in this film works as a metaphor and some of them work as well as a visual experiment.

Two characters, both incredibly flat and bi dimensional in a way Disney has been doing them for 80 years. These characters live in a flat black world as well. But within each of them, a 3D world exists. One character is night, the other one is day. At a certain point dawn meets twilight and they change their states. Each character has within them the beautiful things of day and of night, and each one craves the qualities of the other.

Can day live with night? Can flat animation meet the requirements of a 3D world. Can Pixar coexist as a surrogate of Disney? These are the questions. What makes me want to keep following whatever Pixar does is that they raise these questions. What frightens me a bit is that they made those questions so obvious here. Are they loosing it? Will they lower their level?

My opinion: 3/5

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