Nathalie… (2003)

“Nathalie…” (2003)


the good angel

the last film i commented on was something i considered offensive, “les anges exterminateurs”. It earned me some criticism by an angry reader, and i reviewed that film after so i could re-consider my opinion. I stand for my opinion: the film was offensive in how it assumed it was a film about voyeurism and its relation with sex while being simply the result of an adolescent approach to sex, and its director looks at those women as a 14 year old who gets to look at a girl’s locker room through a broken glass. It’s superficial, and offensive because it takes itself seriously.

So, after that, i looked for this one. Still french, still about picturing sex situations. But this is a whole different sport. It’s directed and conceived by a woman, and that is significant to the whole final product. I think women are more internal when looking to others. So this film has an interesting dimension of using the female body (and face!) to dig into the women. Those women are fictional, but good fictional characters. The two leading ladies acting is good and supportive of the director’s intentions i think. And above all, what we have is not gratuitous. Images come as visual supporters for a story, not as mere illustration. And most important, unlike “anges”, here we have images that allow for the development of the story in our minds (thus visual storytelling). In “anges” we had some story about some director wanting to make a sex film, that was a mere excuse for the depiction of nudity.

It is the honesty of this film that i crave, every time i see a film. The film may not be as original as it could (and this film certainly is not so original) but i praise its intellectual honesty.

Stick with this, it will mildly challenge you. Not the other one.

My opinion: 3/5

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