3 years

I has 3 years, the materialization of this idea that i can learn by writing, that writing about films makes me organize mentally what i actually feel about them. As if i would find each film inside of me as i write about it. I believe that what i’ve been doing will work as a kind of intelectual induction, in which i will learn by acumulating examples, by the intensity and variety of the experiences i get with films. Maybe one day, but not yet, i’ll try to group and generalize somethings that i’ve been understanding and synthethizing, from the films i get to see. For now i’ll keep writing about films, within my possibilities, 1 by 1, as i’ve been doing lucidly since 2007.

So far i’ve commented on 264 films (84 last year). I sincerely would have liked them to be more, but it hasn’t been possible.

Right now, the wordpress statistics (which only contemplate on site visits) state this:

7Olhares:__________43 238 (15 411 last year)

7Eyes:_____________12 961 (6 261 last year)

7Ojos:_____________14 473 (5 877 last year)

Total:_____________70 672 (27 549 last year)

I thank the visits, and i always thank the opinions. I still want to be read, and i have been more and more, even if i write a little bit less. Thank you.


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