Cobra (1986)

“Cobra” (1986)


flat toughness

I’ve been consuming a fair amount of action, because i’m interesting in following the trends. This specific 80’s though guy type was fully present during my childhood, and for better and worse, it is a good part of my earliest cinematic memories. Well, you don’t choose what it comes to you, at such an early age.

Within than trend, this Cobra might be its most clear cliché. That’s because this film is all about all the other 80’s action films that starred one action vase, like Stallone. It’s like it was written by a couple guys who’d just seen Sly’s previous films, plus Seagal’s, plus Chuck Norris’… let me me get adolescent about it: justice is rotten, unless someone, Cobra, The man, takes it into his own hands; “this is where justice ends, and i begin…” the guy is ruthless, but morally superior, ignores the rules, only to make the fair thing, and protected the oppressed. The bad guy is a total scumbag, physically menacing. Oh and he has a crew of motor bikers, a kind of flat version of the wild one crew. The final fight is mano a mano, between the cop and the bad guy, kind of a Boss fight at the end of a video game level. The menacing set, filled with dangerous elements, this case an iron foundry. At a point, we have a paired runaway, where the hero has to protect a woman, first as strangers, but later falling in love, thus revealing the more human nature of the tough hero. The woman exists as both an object to be appreciated by male audiences and the guarantee that the same audiences will look upon the hero as a desirable subject (idol). OK that’s it.

This is consumable, and eventually it was what it aimed at, as a space filler. But there is not much to see here. Stallone was already at this point a man trapped by his own self-invented character, wanting to get out (as he himself assumed) without being able to. The fight and action sequences are boring today, and i there was already much better at the time.

There is the interest of watching how Stallone and the (in those days) seductive Brigitte Nielsen act together. They were married, and i suppose in love. There is a positive tension in how they face each other, remarkable in the bedroom scene that anticipates the final sequence.

My opinion: 2/5

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