Hard Times (1975)

“Hard Times” (1975)


what was so hard about it?

This is quite an uninteresting depiction of a fascinating time and context, the depression in the USA. It’s a fully cinematic theme, several things allow that. It has been vastly worked put in films, so it is part of a certain niche of cinematic memory, there a couple of favorite all time classics that exist during the depression (untouchables, purple rose…). So there is a visual picturization of the time, that matters to how people will respond to any film. Also, it is a fully dramatic time, because all the potential characters are ordinary people, covered with extra amounts of difficulties, poverty, lack of opportunities, a living hell. They overcome those difficulties, fight against the mud of desperation, and fight their way into a better life. Conflict, resolution, battles… this is the food to drama. And you can fill anything in that vessel: romance, heroism, sports, fantasy (woody again).

So, the very description of what i think makes depression based films interesting, by a general principle, puts this specific film away from interest. I mean, what was so hard about anything that we see? The guy is strong, he can hit anyone, all the shy shameful attempts to take his superiority outside the ring fail… OK he doesn’t get the girl, but than again, in the very perspective of Bronson, she’s just a girl, he prefers alone. He has a friend, and their friendship is challenged, but easily saved. So, in the end he gets a few punches, a lot of money, and after all the mud of depression is an easy land of opportunities, an el dorado for any Spanish conqueror.

What failed is that they centered the thing around the supposed toughness of Bronson on screen. The hard working, hard boiled guy, an American hero, John Wayne updated to the 70′. Well, it doesn’t work because he is not an interesting guy, at least he wasn’t properly pictured here, and the production didn’t help. Hey, even Rocky is more charming and convincing!

My opinion: 1/5

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