Milovan Circus (2008)

“Milovan Circus” (2008)



Beautiful minds

Generally speaking, what amazes me the most in small independent short animated films like this and others i’ve been massively commenting in the last few days, is how each of these films, better or worse, is a perfect reflection of the intimacy of a mind. Everything in animation is conceived by its makers, there is not one single piece of set, one single expression of the characters, one single evolution in the story, that didn’t come out of the mind of a passioned filmmaker, someone who wants to be heard. So, when the mind is talented, a small animated author film can be an adventure into someone’s fears, someone’s concerns, feelings. That’s what happens here.

See the tenderness in every expression of this puppet’s wooden face, see the subtleties in the body movements. it tells a story. this film is narrative, it tells you something, and it can mean something to you. to me it all depends on you being absorbed by what this filmmaker wanted as much as he was obsessively absorbed in carefully lighting every frame of this small beautiful film. Beautiful minds. animations like this are one of the more direct portals to the minds of its makers, that’s what i believe.

My opinion: 4/5

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