Pigeon: Impossible (2009)

“Pigeon: Impossible” (2009)


Cinanima 2009



Comedy is a specially good genre to work in animation. That’s because the concepts of gimmick, or situation comedy, or unreal interactions between elements (like animals or objects) gain new possibilities.

In a row, in the same session of Cinanima, i saw two comedy animations. Two different visions of how to use the tools. This is the less interesting of the two (the other one was ‘chumps & clumps’). It’s not that the ideas they pursue here are less interesting than the ones in chumps. They simply don’t manage these ideas they chose as well as the guys in chumps do with their options. So here they basically trust the success of the comedy in the relation between the pigeon and the james bond, and the unpredictable things the pigeon can do because he is small enough to be inside the killing suitcase. Animal-human interaction, and awkward scale relations. That’s it.

Some gags are good, but the sense of style and the visual sharpness of the jokes is not so developed. It’s good fun though.

My opinion: 3/5

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