Murder at 1600 (1997)

“Murder at 1600” (1997)



empty house

Another dumb mixture of uninteresting action scenes with a fake suspense mood associated with the political plot.

The thing in these films is that none of the elements that are supposed to grab you is mildly interesting to make the film worthy. Check it:

– the action is the scent of action, or even less. A few shooting scenes, literally shooting, Lane’s character is a specialist in straight shooting, and all the action scenes are dull and purely based on shooting;

– the story is trite and useless. See how silly it sounds: something about some guys who frame the president of the USA through framing his son, through implicating him in the murder of one of his lovers. That way they blackmail the president forcing him to choose between his position and the reputation of his family. The idea was to replace him so that the bad guys could get into North Korea with a few soldiers to free other soldiers… Oh the evil brain was a close friend and collaborator of the good president;

– the previous point shouldn’t matter. I can count dozens of films with similarly silly plots which are worth the time, because they layer other interesting things on the empty plot. But here nothing supports it. Snipes’ thing only works when the plot allows it (demolition man), the direction is banal and boring, there’s nothing to be seen.

Diane Lane does have a presence. She’s not a specially interesting actress, but she poses well, and has an enigmatic look, which attracts. She would have been a great femme fatal, should she have worked 60 years ago.

My opinion: 1/5

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