Collateral Damage (2002)

“Collateral Damage” (2002)

colateral damage


the good and the evil

This was one of the last films of the ‘governor’. It’s interesting how the film underlines the simplistic approach that apparently en forms the American republican thinking.

It’s a story of revenge. The man who lost his family at the hands of a terrorist; he is the common American, oh he saw the family die, he blames himself because he was late. This is corny and seen over and over. He strikes back, does what a “great American” would do, and seeks revenge. He learns a few things along the way, he learns the original killing of his family was already a revenge, and he proves himself better than the colombian terrorists by sparing the life of a mother and her child. How superior is this man? Now, to go even further **spoilers here on**, the mother whose life he spares plays double and is the central key to the terror plot which he thought was at the hands of the terrorist “bad guy”. Now, will you vote for Arnie? you should, now you see what’s at stake. I suppose by than, Schwarzenegger would have already the politic job in mind, so i may consider this is not an innocent plot. Specially not in a film released the year next to September 11th. We have to admit this flows perfectly in butter minds.

The action is worthless, see Stallone, Arnold or Seagal from the 80′ to have this made better.

My opinion: 1/5

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