Batman (1989)

“Batman” (1989)

batman burton original


remembered darkness

Because i saw this film back when i was very young, and before now i hadn’t seen it in a while, i have a personal relation with it. I evolved and the film evolved with me, in my mind.

It really had been a while. And the memory i have of it is much darker than what the film is. Why? I changed; films changed. That’s it. This was supposed to contain a dark world, many call it Gothic. Indeed it has a dark environment in some points, Burton is a specialist in producing certain environments. But it no longer works as a dark world with dark minds, if it ever did. It has now the appeal of teen films: we know where everything is going, but we want to see it anyway. And the world is brighter than that of so many other films not specially remembered for its “darkness” as this is. I suppose that probably has to do with how the cinematic narrative is built. This film relies on its visuals, and that is usually a matter of fashion. It goes away, and when it does, the film will stand or not based on its cinematic content. Burton trusts that showing the world will make us enter it. Well i did enter it 15 years ago, now i only remember i did, but i no longer find the door to it. I suppose Nolan really did replace solidly Burton’s vision, after Schumacher’s disasters. It introduced instability in narrative, in “dark knight” he built a whole narrative out of instability. He understood how he could support a whole visual world consistently adding layers twists, indeed making the whole film a big twist.

Nicholson’s performance is as plastered as his character. It’s based on individual charm, not on a troubled mind. His villain is a non ironic joker. Ledger really pushed the character elsewhere, to the fields where Brando or Depp operate.

This is interesting to watch, for it shows how linked are cinema, cinematic memories, and our own lives.

My opinion: 2/5

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