“Equador” (#1.15) (2009)

“Equador” Episode #1.15 (2009)



I’m commenting on this episode and bits of other few episodes.

This is sad. Sad to watch, miserably bad in everything, from the basic plot to the basic mediocrity that this targets and helps to mold.

These are cardboards that illustrate vulgar situations, formated story lines. There is not any kind of questioning about any theme, visual, narrative, “historic”. Sets are lush and bad illusions of “history”, but what we see is millions of previous TV series, and bad literature, with distracting pseudo globe trotting elements. this is blind television making, and that’s saying a lot. It’s a formatted genre that is delivered countless times, as many as the useless formated books like the one on which this series is based.

All this is sad, how useless is the average TV production these days, at least in Portugal. Sadder is to consider that these silly productions reflect the minds of the TV watcher. Well, some of them yes it reflects.

But something else is really sad. We have three names in this production, three very valuable people, who should be doing great things with their lives, and instead drag in this mental poverty. Nicolau Breyner could have been great, of he had had a film industry to get in, in Portugal or outside. He is good, he understands pace and tone, and actor placement. Than we have Filipe Duarte who actually IS having a career, acting at least one film per year. He is talented, he probably is the best “new” Portuguese actor these days, he should be growing in the challenges he gets, instead of having to slide into the uselessness of these stupid productions. Last, it is so sad to hear the moody and environmental music of Rodrigo Leão, mixed with the superficial and fake lighting and sets of these false world. He is certainly one of the best film composers we Never had.

These three names are what’s sad about the series. Not because they are in, but because they Should be doing other things. Greater things. It’s like they had been deported to a hot hell island, like incidentally one of the cardboards in the series is forced to do.

My opinion: 1/5

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