Alfie (2004)

“Alfie” (2004)




Two remarks on the quite good experience this film is:

-one is the visual aspect of the thing. This is a visual tapestry, each scene has its own visual strenght, and could actually be enjoyed on its own, but all together they make an impression on you. Every affair in Alfie’s life has its own visual treatment, according to the mood of it. Colours, and camera work are elements taken care of. Watching the extras, one gets the impression that artistic values were something in the minds of theses guys, but i’ll credit Ashley Rowe a great deal for what was done here. The colours are something in the line of what Chris Doyle might do. IT’s interesting how Jude Law fits well this kind of photography, we saw him in similar situation in the recent ‘my blueberry nights’.

-the other thing is the story telling device. I haven’t seen the original, so i may be commenting on something that happens already in that one, but i would bet not. Alfie speaks to the camera, he speaks to us. He denounces the staging all this is, and the artificiality of cinema in itself (lush, but artificial photography underlines this). The film is episodic in its nature, every women is an episode, but we know Alfie is our narrator, as we get every feeling directly from his mouth. Jude Law is a very interesting actor, one of the good actors we have these days, and he delivers, he knows how little dramatic and exaggerated he has to be in order to make this work. The success of this strategy is to make us assume Law’s words as a dialog between him and us, instead of a monologue like, say, Depp in ‘The Libertine’. Jude Law knows it, he pauses the speech, and intonate as if he was chatting, instead of narrating. Very good.

Jude Law is a character in himself, even through fashion. In this film he was at the beginning of a relation with Sienna Miller, they’re seen in a collection of clips reading Vogue together. This is no innocent. Actually it is a very clever way to build they’re own public personalities out screen.

Oh and we have a story. A playboy, single man, with his life centered on women, searching for true affection, living love as episodes and suffering from the consequences of his irresponsibility. It’s a mere excuse to unfold visual storytelling. Some women, though are interesting. We have Tomei, we have Miller, we have Sarandon, who, though being limited as an actress, is well placed in the film.

My opinion: 4/5

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