Das Sandbad (1907)

“Das Sandbad” (1907)


dressed – undressed

Of course the depiction of sex, or the hinting of sex (what may be called eroticism) is at the center of human creation for as long as art exists. So it is interesting to find out where that everlasting theme, in constant updating at every level, started showing in cinema. Well, obviously, at the beginning of cinema as well. So these films Schwarzer directed are important for us to understand sexuality in those days, and more important to me, how the theme was explored visually from the beginning.

Here, the intention was to make the woman look as ‘natural’ as sand. The color of her skin matches the color of the sand, and to underline this, the man “dresses” her with sand. She takes it as something innocent, visually it sounds harmonic, but the man is not unaware, and he is our surrogate in the film, as voyeurs who want to touch (i’m talking male audiences, to whom these films were and are certainly made).

Of course this has no effect today, not with the evolution our notions of sexuality had in the past 100 years. But it is of historical importance.

My opinion: 1/5

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