Sex is Comedy (2002)

“Sex is Comedy” (2002)



it lacks layers

This is not as much about sex as it is about actor’s direction. I came to it looking for films centered on sex, so i partially missed my own point by choosing this one.

What i found interesting here was how Breillat portrays the making of a film centered on the urges and stresses of the director, specifically in how she directs actors, and the conflicts inherent to that. The trick is that, though we see a film which is about two characters who are about sex, the core of the film is how the director in that film sees and frames the thing. In the making of that film, she deals with the actor’s repulsion towards each other which are, in a certain level, similar to those of their characters in the film within. So we are to the backstage of the film within as the characters in that backstage are to the film within. The actors doubts and repulsion are childish and unprofessional, of someone insecure, as much as the virgin character in the film within is.

I appreciated this, but does this engage? Does this head somewhere? Not me. I felt like some emotional piece was missing here, or misplaced. Maybe, and ironically, it was a matter of bad not engaging acting by the actors of the film within. Or maybe it was the lack of a second layer over Parillaud’s character, that would make us get in touch with her personal concerns, besides her concerns as a film director. Well, i watch few films directed by women, and maybe i didn’t connect with this one out of inexperience understanding women’s visual mind. Maybe.

My opinion: 2/5, it’s possible i come back to this in another occasion, maybe i’m misjudging it right now.

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