Trasgredire (2000)

“Trasgredire” (2000)



Looking and Touching

Sometimes i choose a number of films, 5 or 6, that explore, i suspect, some issue that interests me. This time i didn’t exactly know what i wanted, but -i knew it had something to do with ways to explore a notion of eroticism, or at least center a film on sex. -Also i wanted to check different ways to understand a woman, or women, through cinema.

This was the first i decided to see from my ‘cycle’ (though it is the second i comment on). It is more centered on a woman, than sex.

It emphasizes Mayarchuk, and the whole story swings around watchers, and desire for her. So it is a story of voyeurs, people who look, people who touch. Even the very idea of what sex stands for in a relation underlines this: people who enjoy watching their partner screwing others. Jealousy as the fuel for passion, and watching as the fuel for being jealous.

Above all the characters who watch each other, we have Brass watching Mayarchuk, and the visual theme here is exploring her. So all the sex that involves her are situations forged to displace her body (specially her buttocks. Notice that all the intercourse with her is from behind, even the oral sex, and the cuddling.

Of course these films, while may give the directors greater freedom to explore their visual concerns (the average public demands few things of these films), they are also attached to low budget (low production values), and a number of rules they have to follow. Tinto Brass is apparently a master on the genre (this is his first film i see), and i think there are things to be explored in these kind of film.

I didn’t find Mayarchuk appealing, despite i come from an European Latin culture. So i suppose she will match the desires of a good portion of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian viewers, to whom blondness, and big sizes are the symbol of a Nordic sexuality, so much appreciated in south Europe.

My opinion: 2/5

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