Wilder (2000)

“Wilder” (2000)



TV pharmaceuticals

What bothers me in films like this is not the things that don’t work in it. It’s the thing that could have been done. It’s not so much the visual lack of power and effectiveness of it, but the total mental poverty that surrounds it.

They picked up two mildly interesting actors, with credits on their hands and assigned them to this total mess, relying that the fact that they’re in makes the whole think work on the financial side.

This is a total mess, a weak story, about some honest people fighting pharmaceutical interests, against all odds, the ‘Fugitive’ type. Pam Grier is assigned the extra role of being her past roles, associated with racial concerns and feminism. Both she and Hauer are cashing their checks. They could be doing better things.

Trying to get away with such a film is as much a deceit as it is the radioactive tests in the film.

My opinion: 1/5

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