for the films, Manoel de Oliveira


Regular readers of this blog know that i write almost always directly about films. With the exception of half a dozen entries on several themes, all the rest are commentary on films i watch. Today is one of those exceptions. The exception is that a director still working completes 100 years. The vast majority of the portuguese share 2 characteristics: -they all know the man, Manoel de Oliveira and know that today is his 100th aniversary; -few of them ever saw a film by him and those who saw them, usually don’t “like” them;

Nevertheless, i think that if it is curious that someone lives to direct a film at the age of 100, the Work in question is more than just curious. I matters, to me, and in some moments, it has a presence in my dreams. Since i began this blog, i commented on 1 Oliveira’s film, his Cristóvão Colombo – O Enigma but the truth is, the very first time i ever wrote about cinema, it was commenting one of his films. In August 18th 2002, i wrote a commentary on “Viagem ao princípio do Mundo”, a film that changed my way to watch films and therefore my dreams. Today, when i read what i wrote, when i was 18 and had a growing urge for films, i don’t keep the naive and unconscious observations i made, but i subscribe the passion for that film, which i now extend to the rest of this man’s work. So i leave you that rough comentary:

Portuguese fado plus deep philosophy

I must say that this film, made by the most prestigious portuguese director (Manoel de Oliveira), is a great reflexion about Portugal’s more typical feelings and about life in general. It has in it the symbols of many things like the hard work shown by Pedro Macau, the statue. It is also a way to show the beautiful landscape (at least a sample of it) that my country has… It is important to notice the past of Afonso, the son of a portuguese emigrant in France, which is very common in Portugal (there are about 750 000 portuguese emigrants in France) and the recent portuguese history told by the country old woman. It’s a grace to watch to this touching movie. In it Marcello Mastroianni says Goodbye to cinema… and to life. He did the best way, I must say. This peace of art proves at least two things… Poetry can be written through images, and the portuguese people have poetry on its spirit; Oliveira with his now 93 years old proved it… Behold a master piece!…

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  1. 1 emanuele December 22, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    w manoel de oliveira!

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