Bin-Jip (2004)

“Bin-Jip” (2004)



Love at Sight

I have to start taking a closer look at korean cinema. Between the narrative experiments of Wook-Park and this beautiful depiction of emotion by Kim Ki Duk, my dreams have been changing. I wonder what i still have to found.

I was brought to this by someone who cares for me. The fact that she wanted me to see it proves how much she cares about me. It’s a fabulous journey to the interior of something where everything you do hurts of how incredibly sensitive it is.

Empty houses, temporarily occupied by someone who aims at invisibility. An abstract being who finds himself in being others for a while. He has different rules for human approach, oh so human. Empty containers where he (and her partner) can Not be who they don’t want to be, and at the same time systematically be everybody. What a beautiful concept.

The film turns around a precious idea of not touching, of being able to love by looking at, of appropriation by not keeping anything. That’s why they don’t steal, that’s why they have nothing. The man achieves invisibility as he is taken away the world, the context. Invisibility is trained.

Only one sentence is said from the woman to the man, and none the other way around. She simply says she loves him, at the end of the whole thing.

The distances, in this film, brings you close to yourself. That’s the great thing about it.

I do, however, have a complaint. It’s visual, maybe it’s a formalism of me. The whole concept of how this is made is so striking and beautiful that i require nothing else to be happy with a film like this, but should the colours, should the spaces, supported by cinematography had been better and this could have really broken me to pieces. If Chris Doyle was in this, i might have been even better.

My opinion: 4/5, this was the only film i saw from this director so far, and i really, really want to see the rest of it. Depending on that, i may claim this beautiful film as a dream changing, life-altering experience.

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  1. 1 1minutefilmreview December 16, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Nice review. Loved the film, we’re Kim Ki-Duk fans too.

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