Fools Rush In (1997)

“Fools Rush In”  (1997)



TV Episode

Yet another story inserted in the conventional romance film invaded by comedy and with a comedian in the main role.

There’s nothing relevant here, if you like Matthew Perry as a TV actor he won’t disappoint you here, i suppose. He made a good part of his career in television and that shows (on the negative side) on his films. See ‘the whole nine yards’ and compare his comedy timings with those of Bruce Willis or compare his cinema performances with those of other actors more rooted in cinema like Brendan Fraser. He doesn’t pull things off like they do. But here he is, TV fans of him will probably appreciate something of what he does here.

The common cliché of portraying Latin American cultures in Hollywood films (most of all the mexicans, for proximity) is something that look odd today. These last 11 years brought to a mass distribution many films from some Latin American cinema industries, and the lives depicted in those films proved films like this one ridiculous. There’s more than coloured walls, Christian beliefs and certain paternal macho attitudes in Mexican culture, as in any culture. Probably in 11 years we’ll see similar odd things in films being made right now.

My opinion: 1/5

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