Men in Black (1997)

“Men in Black” (1997)



Forgettable style

This is an empty film. 11 years is not that much time, but it seems ages on this film. Looking at it now, makes me understand it has nothing inside.

This is yet another film that develops around a certain idea of style. If you start counting them, it’s incredible the amount of films made on that basis. Well, it’s huge but understandable: style is something appealing for the crowds in the moment the film is released (though it gets easily dated) and something that doesn’t require much skill to bring out. Just the right guy, in this case Will Smith who represents the top of coolness for a certain percentage of the population.

The Guggenheim Museum was apparently a good choice, but misused. I wanted to see what they’d make of it, but in after all they just wanted to use the long ramp to show how Will Smith was able to run fast to the top of the building.

If you see the extras on the DVD, check how Barry Sonnenfeld sounds like a nitwit. Completely clueless about what his job is about. He just remarks technical curiosity, he has nothing to say.

My opinion: 1/5

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