La Science des rêves (2006)

“La Science des rêves” (2006)




It’s probably hard to find a film which is as much a vision of its creator as this one.

Gondry is doing a great work, exploring the limits of storytelling in cinema. His greatest achievement so far was, “eternal sunshine…” but there he was associated with the even more brilliant Charlie Kaufman, probably the best screenwriter working today. Now we have this ‘science of dreams’ and the very recent ‘Be kind rewind’ (which i haven’t seen) and we have Kaufman’s own ‘Synecdoche, New York’. The interesting of taking ‘sunshine’ and watch it before and after this group of films is to see Kaufman and Gondry working separated, and understand where they are taking, individually, what they started in ‘sunshine’. I think they’re working on one of the most exciting threads in development in cinema today.

In a way, i think this is a kind of expressionism, in the way that all these films are deeply rooted on lives, real and interesting lives, no matter how fantastic they look, and how unreal everything shows. This is all an attempt to dive in the ocean of human soul, that iceberg of which we can only see a superficial tiny tip. It’s great that cinema is doing this. Probably it’s one of the most suited medium for that.

In this case, we have a mildly complex visual construction, out of a very simple idea: the mix between dreams and reality and the more interesting concept that, if dreams are a reflex of our daily life mixed with our more dark concerns, life can also be contaminated by dreams. So, life invades dreams, and the other way around as well. Than, we have the device he had already used in sunshine, shading the differences between dream and reality and many times letting the ambiguity on that subject, here diminished in a great degree by the dolls that show in the dreams (objects, phones, cars) and which build the dream environment.

Here we have an extra thing, visits to the interior (literally) of the mind of the main character, making us watch things through his eyes, and think through his mind (he plays the drums, like the director did). Other games include a time machine, which goes forward and backwards 1 second, and a boat with a forest inside it.

Check the clues, check where this leads you. I like it.

My opinion: 4/5

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