Erin Brockovich (2000)

“Erin Brockovich” (2000)



chemical cinema

I think that what made the success of this film was a combination of two elements:

-an engaging story (at least for the ‘masses’), one where an ‘underdog’ defeats higher powers, out of dedication, lots of courage, lots of humanity, and ignoring threats and personal private life to achieve them. Oh, and that story is real;

-the fact that some ‘stars’ of the system of stars were in this, and one of them (Roberts) took it as a personal project, something she specifically chose to do;

Starting with these two premises, anything could be done and the film would sell. In this ride, we have Soderbergh, who is a great director. But he doesn’t show. The directing is mechanical. In fact every aspect of the film is mechanical, lighting, editing, narrative dynamics. Last week i went to see his new, personal, and very good “Che”. Maybe that was partially paid for or supported by money raised here. If that’s true, this film was worth it. Julia Roberts is OK here, but the part is born, cut, and tailored to her. Her range is small and here she is at the perfect center of it. I think it’s intelligent of her to choose what she can do.

The bottom line is that this is a film about lives that transcend the ordinary curse, and make interesting things, but itself is just another one. It’s ordinary, it goes with the flow, and it will be forgotten. In fact it is practically now, despite the awards and the success in its moment.

My opinion: 2/5

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