An Unfinished Life (2005)

“An Unfinished Life” (2005)


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Morgan Freeman, Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez. Each one is the owner of a specific perspective or a perspective appeal which everybody will expect them to perform. Except for Lopez, the other two are perfectly convinced of the importance to the whole world that someone like them exist. At least as actors. So, if this premises make the creation of a film with this mixture something quite hard to achieve, join Lasse Hallström to the group. For what i’ve seen, he did fairly well in Chocolate, because the group of actors was good (Depp and Binoche, Molina and Dench). Predictably he wouldn’t do anything worthwhile here. Confirmed.

Start with the script. It just moves the necessary stones to make what Redford and Freeman need in the first place. The first one recovers his character from ‘Out of Africa’, free spirit, detached from the conventions of the ordinary world, trying to live a free life, and paying the price of unhappy and ultimately undesired loneliness. Freeman recovers his only character. The ‘i’m always right’ guy. The man of the words, incredible how he made a career out of delivering the same kind of insipid thinking over and over again, without any tone change. Some good actors started doing it in the curse of the career (Hopkins, sometimes Nicholson), but this one did it all the time. Jennifer Lopez plays along, she’s more honest in her integration here than the other two, at least she doesn’t take personal egos into it.

Also the base problem of stories of good and evil. This case we have the also common variant of good, yet deviated people. Lopez and Redford’s characters have a dark event in their common past that separated them, but deep down they’re good, very good people. This is established from the beginning. I mean, what’s the point? Not even the potentially interesting connection with the wilderness of the spirit (the relation with the bear, and all the meanings that could flow from there) was well made. Well, there was also a role Freeman would have to perform.

The landscapes were well chosen, it had potential, pity the sad story that was placed there.

Side note: did the violent ex-boyfriend go back to town just to get beaten by Redford? Or was there some angle i missed?

My opinion: 1/5

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