Burn After Reading (2008 )

“Burn After Reading” (2008 )


Genre: Coens

It’s good to watch a film by the Coens, no matter what they do. They are clever filmmakers, who have their creations always embedded in cinematic reflections, which is to say, their films exist because other films exist to support them, and for us to fully appreciate a film by these brothers, we must have a knowledge of previous creations. So far, with that work of deconstruction of genres and previous films, they have created very strong and important films, like ‘Miller’s Crossing’ or ‘Big Lebowsky’.

Other times, they’re just not so incisive, and they just make films to amuse themselves, and the audience. This is the case. We can understand how their previous ‘serious work’ influences this one, but this was made out of pure fun, and says nothing they haven’t said before. But it is still fun to watch:

We have a story about people who follow people, plots and subplots. Everything twists around infidelities which cause chain reaction events. Each character thinks he controls the game he is trying to play, but everybody has somebody tailing him and something he doesn’t know. These lives are observed, from an upper level, by someone who has the access to all the information but simply doesn’t know what to make of it. This is epitomized by the initial and ending images, satellite captured images, ‘google earth’ type. It gives you the whole world, but it tells you nothing about what happens down to earth.

This is probably a money raiser project, something in which the brothers had a lot of fun, but in the whole body of their filmography, it is not important work.

My opinion: 3/5

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  1. 1 Hugo November 4, 2008 at 3:03 am

    That’s totally incorrect. This is one of their most serious work and the reason why they are novelizing it. Yes. They are making a novel out of it. A novel, I suspect, that will be full of lucid insight into storytelling mechanics. A disc with important information that turns out to be unimportant. Ordinary people part of larger conspiracies that they invent themselves. Historically designated conspirators (cia, russians) get entangled, yet they have no clue how to manage these stories but insist on annotating them.

    To me it’s all about borrowing stories. But borrowing stories to fulfill lives. It’s about the slight triumph of narrative over existence. Self-reflexive, yet insignificant. It’s all what life is about. Stories, sex, death, and love. Why do you think they had Brad Pitt die. Why him? It’s a big goof on all the ticket buyers (giggling girls).

    One of the best coen’s.

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