Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008 )

“Repo! The Genetic Opera” (2008 )

Festival Sitges 2008


progressive narration

One thing that annoys me, and a few others i enjoyed: The ‘cult’ film thing; i understand that a cult movie is something which gathers around it a number or a legion (or many legions) of fans, who, fascinated by the symbols and/or the characters of that film, will go on searching for new meanings, searching for sequels, inventing stories around it or so on. At least, cult in the kind of sense a film like this can carry. I’m not very interested in that notion, it blurs the clear ideas one might form out of ‘watching’ a film instead of worshiping it. But i’m OK with that. The thing is, what is the idea of releasing a film as a ‘cult’ film? That’s a status that time and the dedication of fans should give, or by now the notion is so ruined that ‘cult’ became a genre? What a commercial cheap strategy…

Apart from this, this is relatively well crafted. I still haven’t checked the sequels to Saw, that Bousman directed, but probably this is a more personal project to him, therefore one where it is possible to reach deeper into his mind. There was an effort towards the creation and establishment of a detailed world here, and i always appreciate that. Post-chaos, dreadful paranoid inhuman future world. No special edge, on the narrative side (except one thing i’ll talk ahead), or on purely cinematic skills. All the efforts were pointed to the image side. Liking or disliking that is a matter of personal taste, i suppose. I enjoy sneaking into these gore environments once in a while, even though i feel like a tourist there: i like to see, i like to live it, i like to try it, but than i like to go back home.

Still, i found one element of great relevance, on the narrative side: the grave-robber (Terrance Zdunich’s character). He is fully part of that world, even though an outsider in it (criminal, he robs graves to profit with it), and provides us with a balance, a kind of a link between us and the freaky world we’re entering. He tells us things, he ‘narrates’ much of the thing, and he talks (sings) directly looking at us, most of the times. This is very interesting, there are already some experiences working this kind of link between the audience and the film; Cusack in High Fidelity or Willis in Die Hard among others. This adds something new, and it doesn’t depend so much on the ability of the actor to do this, more of the musical device, in which Zudnich had a participation as a creator of the music. interesting…

That music is close to the progressive metal Dream Theater master these days, and for a while now. It’s a mood creating yet substantial music which i enjoy, for its balance and for its ambiguity between musical worlds. So, in coherence with the thing here. Incidental or not, i liked it.

My opinion: 4/5

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