Ekusute (2007)

“Ekusute” (2007)

Festival Sitges 2008


pup-petering hair

I have a good time watching works like this. Films like these use visual, and symbolic codes specifically directed to a certain dark piece of audience, who is willing to live a life in films outside the most widespread conventions, and accept what comes with that. One of the thing i like the most when watching such a piece in a public venue (usually crowded with the hard fans of these kinds of productions) is to observe how those fans respond to certain conventions inside the ‘genre’. To me, because i only make occasional visits, it’s something equivalent to visiting a foreign country, i observe how people behave, what’s mood of the place i’m visiting.

Inside those alternative conventions, this is a good film, i suppose. At least it made it for me, to the point of wanting to know more work of this director. He has a vision, in the middle of this kind of capillary horror, he has an interesting concept which spreads clearly and embraces the film, as much as the hair embraces all the characters.

Hair as open channels. Hair as an element to connect people, to connect lives, and past lives. And to share death. It’s an effective narrative device. The dead hair growing girl works as a kind of noir agent, someone who controls the action, but we are the whole time inside the device (we had to be to make the whole thing credible, and also because it was important for the creators and for the genre to explore the one-eyed dead girl). She manipulates through hair, and has a human puppet who delivers hair, and makes the whole thing work. That silly man is her hands in the street, giving death randomly. That agent believes all the way that he controls her, but we come to understand it’s the other way around.

This clear storytelling strategy makes the film pleasant enough to me. It’s a solid production work, the stop-motions were made with competence, and you will enjoy this if you like to explore interesting storytelling and if you’re willing to accept, at least for 2 hours, the conventions of this corner in film universe (that if you’re not already inside it).

My opinion: 3/5

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