Chocolate (2008 )

“Chocolate” (2008 )


dance mixtures

For what i understand, martial arts, in real life, have a lot to do with self-knowledge. It’s a inner exploration, getting know yourself, physically and emotionally (spiritually). Ultimately it has a lot to do with the idea of limit. What can you do.

In cinema, it’s not so much like that. The reason i think martial arts is such a prolific field of exploration in cinema is because it carries the possibility to entangle a screen dance, in which the viewer participates. How the actor moves, and how he performs the moves with the opponents. If you think about it, it’s a pure dance.

This film is entirely made bearing that in mind. It’s a very rich visual texture, centered around one characters, and visiting very different scenarios, which are included in the fights. This last thing is quite common in martial arts films, and this one, specially, emulates partially Jackie Chan, without so much of his comedy sense.

What i think is particularly interesting to observe here, is the differences between these martial arts, and the Chinese cinematic performances. This is a Thai film. There is a different kind of fight there. This borrows from the Chinese and Japanese elegance, but it also is culturally attached to Thailand. In fact, the very first images we get to see out autistic protagonist watch to emulate later, are from a Thai fighting sport, a very violent one, by the way. The father of the protagonist is Japanese, maybe that’s not innocent. And we get to see a ballet which includes us, but which also much more visceral than the Japanese fighting. More brutal, more graphical in some points. I enjoyed the experience. The dance doesn’t count on the camera movement to en-richen it. I pity that but it is so rare that in films, it requires a superior control, i think. Ang Lee did it competently in “Tiger…”

My opinion: 4/5

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