Terra (2007)

“Terra” (2007)

Festival Sitges 2008


conservative environmentalism

This is a common theme these days. Climat changes, and the consequence risk of self-destruction. Here the second is mixed with self-destruction through human provoked conflicts. I didn’t like it in the first place, because they are different themes, each with its own dynamics and motives to reflect on.

I am too young to ignore this subject, and too old to take it so lightly like it is done here. We have the post-Earth future, with the race trying to find a new place to settle and finding the ideal yet occupied planet. If we are human, we are supposed to identify with the non-humans in the film; they have the “human” attitude, not the bad American-modeled guys. The humans choose war. The thing is, the clues we are shown, and the leads to the possible happy ending come in various forms: love (/infatuation), uninterested heroism, and cooperation. Is that the thing? Does one falling in love save can help save the earth? Isn’t it the other way around? Don’t we want to save earth so that love and things that matter can flourish, together with nature and wild life? Heroism? Isn’t it a collective need which requires collective actions, built by small/big individual participations that can do it? How can an individual dramatical self-sacrifice be of any use? What bothers me is that either these guys picked up the thing because nowadays ecology is a sell-able product, or they really care about it and they aren’t interesting enough to say something that matters. I think it’s the first option. So they fill the thing with American clichés. They make us identify with the aliens as opposed to American lookalike military attitude, and than they try to bend our minds to the very American principle that heroism and self-sacrifice are the key to superior things. Isn’t that what Hemmer would think? See the paradox? Ultimately this is a film which in essence, when you think about it, is precisely the opposite of what it stands for.

The statue we see being built in the end looks a soviet symbol. It frightens. I suppose it doesn’t mean anything special, as well.

My opinion: 1/5

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