The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

“The Purple Rose of Cairo” (1985)


Wonderland in Alice

After seeing the insipid mess Woody shot in Barcelona, i had to cover my disappointment, and i came to this. I hadn’t seen it before, but i knew it would be something worth watching, it would have the edge and inventiveness Allen most of the time puts in his films. This is a very worthwhile experience. The set up is juicy just by reading a synopsis, and what he does with it is wonderful.

So we have a woman who lives her life, her true life, rooted in the many films she watches. She overcomes her sad reality of poverty and a macho unfaithful lazy husband, with the films she sees, and lives in. So we have a ‘real’ character (in the reality framed by the exterior movie) who lives in a world of her film rooted fantasies. Nothing so uncommon. Than we are introduced to a specific film within the film. This film is watched over and over again by Mia, to the point in which a character of the film enters the real world of the outer film. So fantasy enters the real world. This is new, it’s inventive and it was great to watch. The characters of the film within the film are self-aware, they know they are performers, and after the normal order of things within the film is broken, they feel lost (the scriptwriters were God to the egyptologist). This was a great set-up, in a film which incidentally was of a great visual quality, uncommon (to my taste) in the majority of Allen’s films (exception made to Manhattan and a few others).

My opinion: 4/5

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