WALL·E (2008 )

“WALL·E” (2008 )


animated Antonioni

What a great thing happened here. Once again a Pixar film brings something different from what they’d done before, and which exploits with intelligence interesting and important aspects of film creation.

Three things made this film to me. Two of them where interesting and had class, the third thing may, in the future depending on other films after this one, be regarded as the beginning of something new.

-The “animation” in its pure form is world-class in a minimalistic point of view. Wall.E, the character, is a master-piece of taking a lot out of very few elements. After all it’s a box, with associated gadgets, there is not the expressive possibilities of something like a skin. Everything is made out of small movements, expression details, things that analyze to a great extent the limits of what it takes to make something expressive. It was not so successful with the female white robot or with any other character, namely humans.

-The self-ironic commentary. Pixar has the same roots of Apple (Steve Jobs), and it’s interesting and self mocking that in a time when Apple is trying to revolutionize to a global extent the concepts of interface, that they criticize the very “white world” they propose, by bringing out the potential negative effects of its dissemination at a global scale. The “whitness” of feelings, the world where humans are taught where to look at, taught by the gadgets, and by the computers, like the one which emulates Kubrick/Clarke’s 2001. In this film, people see the film they are told to see. That’s much more remarkable to me than the so talked about ecological concerns.

-For last, and more important to me is the bold statement that it is possible to inject the fluids of the most deep kinds of visual meditation in the content of a commercial “family” film. The boldness of creating a product such as this with hardly any dialog, and the capacity to elevate the quality of a fully artificial image to a level which allows our visual imagination to work emotionally. Something Tarkovsky or Antonioni taught us how to do. This film was bold and it is important for that, but it still isn’t a masterpiece in those concerns. I want to see more. I hope this thread will be followed.

My opinion: 4/5 See it.

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