Sabrina (1954)

“Sabrina” (1954)


Funny Cinderella

This is a sweet experience, that lasts, and to which i know i will come back several times.

Audrey Hepburn, the icon, begins here. I think Roman Holiday was just an unconscious prediction of what would come. And that shows here, the moment Sabrina comes back from Paris. Audrey had probably so much of natural ability to captivate sweet attentions on-screen as she of intentional poses. She works with her face above all, also with her pose and her walking (in a distance plan, she works with her subtle body movements). She danced, ballet, that probably counts for the effect. But besides that, there was a collective effort involving many (very) competent people, that would eventually make her the person with more class and charm on screen. Givenchy had a lot to do with this, in my opinion. This makes this film particularly important to watch, for it has the very precise moment in which, on screen, the changing happens. Givenchy only dresses Hepburn after Sabrina comes back from Paris. With the clothes, she assumes a new pose, everlasting, i would say.

The film exists to frame the precise moment of this transformation, so the Cinderella set up is used. I think this was all deliberate, and cleverly conceived. So we, viewers, come to fall in love with Audrey, Bogart and Holden represent us on screen, falling in love with Sabrina.

A side note is there i think it’s not immediate this fascination for the on screen character of Hepburn. Her face captivates, despite its funny look (which would later name other Audrey dedicated film), but her class takes time to absorb. Probably that’s why her characters came to love older men in her films.

My opinion: 4/5

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