Career Opportunities (1991)

“Career Opportunities” (1991)



Even though i haven’t necessarily been looking for them, lately i’ve come to found a lot of projects with something in common: the visual (if not other kind of) love for the leading lady in the film. I found that in Wilder’s Sabrina, in Besson’s Fifth Element, and in this little film.

It’s uninteresting in what concerns practically every aspect, except for two things: One is the chosen container for all this, physical container: the action is centered and occurs almost entirely in a supermarket. The layout is used and enters the action, food, clothes, roller skates, chairs. I love this idea of projects centered around one single set, exploring it (the kind of thing Hitch did in his Rope phase). Here we don’t have a especially clever exploitation of anything, camera work (that could have been great, given the sets), dialog. Several missed opportunities. But i was touched by the set-up.

The other, and most interesting thing, is Connelly. We are so lucky that she could be filmed in all the phases of her life since she was 15, and even more lucky because that first capturing was made by Leone. He got her, by looking at her, so in “Once upon a time…” her part exists so she can be looked at. Here, at a certain moment, everybody is looking for her, and everybody fetches her. She’s sweet, and she can deliver an hypnotizing lifeless expression which is breathtaking. I think she lost some those instincts as the years went on, but in her beginnings she was something to look at.

My opinion: 3/5

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