Arthur et les Minimoys (2006)

“Arthur et les Minimoys” (2006)


Flat Animation

I chose to watch this after i saw Kung Fu Panda. There is a thread in animation right now, one this Kung Fu animation fully clarified and established. That thread separates those who explore the possibilities of virtual space, and the ability to explore faces, expressions, virtual characters in which we recognize humanity though their complete abstraction. Besson has always impressed me for the way he explores spatial deepness, i always carry in my memories those dives in Fifth element, in the skyroads of that future, or the camera dives of Léon. He is a man who, before caring for films, cared for the sea, and dived. So he brought to films an expression of those sensations, he even filmed in his Atlantis.

I came to this animation because i really really thought he would place that very personal vision served by the possibilities of animation. He didn’t. Nevermind the story. It’s never a strong point in Besson’s creations, except for the fact that it gives him the possibility to exploit what he’s interested in, which is to use his camera in novel ways. But the thing here is, he doesn’t do that. There’s nothing interesting about this. I want to think that he wasn’t able to gain control over this new form of expression (which actually is quite dreadful, given the budget of this and the best animations being made nowadays). He might not have the right people working with him, and he may not have been able to control the medium. I’ll look for the upcoming sequels, but this was a terrible disappointment. Besson can do better.

My opinion: 1/5

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