What goes around comes around (2008)

“What goes around comes around” (2008 )

This is not a normal entry. I’m not commenting on a film i have seen, i’m showing a film i have done, in group. Last April (7-18th) there was a workshop in FAUP (Oporto school of architecture) a workshop dedicated to explore the links between cinema and architecture, and to do that in an international context and explore, in practical terms, that relation, meaning this: create films.

In the end of the 3 tries i got to work on, this was the one that satisfied me the most, and the only one i think may be interesting to show here. In the production of this film, there were 6 people involved directly. The credits are on the film, but the low quality of this version doesn’t allow you to read them. My participation was in the fields of cinematography (camera work, above all) and the creation/execution of the soundtrack. I’ll try to update this post with the other credits. Meanwhile, should anyone want to know more, please ask, a mail would be better.

What goes around, comes around:

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