1 year

1 year ago, in May 25th 2007, i published my first note in this blog, and introduction and intentions note. The next day i published my first comment on a film. I didn’t imagine than that this 3 language adventure would go so far, respecting the intentions i first set for it. But it did last, i had a lot of joy, and a lot of commitment to this idea.

A year after, i’ve commented on 81 films, i had a fair amount of answers, questions, invitations, or simple notes inviting me to go on, directly on the blog, but above all through mail. 81 films in a year means aproximately 1,5 films a week. That’s more than i could imagine, taking in consideration the completely amateur mood of this blog. I hope i can go on like this, and i invite everyone who passes by and who reads me to write me with suggestions or simple comments, whenever they wish to do it. It’s the greatest joy for me to be able to read the opinions of people who care for what i do.

WordPress registed these statistics for the last year:

7Olhares: 13 537 visitas

7Ojos: 4 174 visitas

7Eyes: 2 711 visitas

Total: 20 422 visitas (visits “on site”, excludes “syndicated views”)

I was happy, i never hoped i’d get so many views. I hope you go on with me in this idea. Read me, comment on the texts, and watch films.

Rui Resende



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