Wall Street (1987)

“Wall Street” (1987)


as usual as it gets

I don’t like Oliver Stone. I have several reasons for it.

He is predictable in the way his films will develop. He has this kind of stereotype anti-hero, necessarily American, necessarily flawed, but in the end able to recognize those flaws and do the right thing. Stone is one of the highest exponents of the last 15 years of American relevance throughout the world. I don’t care much about this attitude, i think there’s much more to American culture and American advantages than the clichés i’m tired of watching, over and over again, by folks like Stone.

He builds his films with cinematic vulgarity. There are no clever visions, actually there are no visual concepts to integrate his films. They just unfold, linearly, there’s no special camera work, artistic concerns, etc.

This one, fits completely the description i made. It’s a vulgar film, by a vulgar director, with just one redeeming sequence. The first time we get to see Wall Street. It’s a sequence, starting with establishing shots, but than we move to the inside, and we get some time with an exquisite piece of editing, showing the everyday life of wall street. I enjoyed it, because he visually got a way to pass a mood, which is in accordance to what we see. Of course the vision over wall street is common, and cliché, but visual story telling (mood telling?) is quite good. This one sequence is worth it. All the rest is as vulgar as you can get. I suppose one has to see Platoon to get the redeeming project in Stone’s career. This isn’t it.

Oh and the art of the war, applied to stock marketing is so lame it’s not worth commenting.

My opinion: 3/5 that initial scene in wall street…

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